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Take PixioScreen wherever you go.

PixioScreen, the compact Android display

A picture is worth a thousand words. That is why you sometimes want to be able to look up or show something easily. For example, if you are walking around at a trade show or visiting a business partner. With the PixioScreen, you always have a handy portable screen at hand. Don't tell them. Show them!

Portable screen for work meetings

A familiar scenario: You just arrived at a work meeting, and you realize that you forgot to print out your notes. Or you wanted to show that one report. With PixioScreen, you have everything at hand. Moreover, you can immediately process notes or adjustments. Or create notes whenever you like. The simple Android operation makes PixioScreen an ideal portable screen for every work meeting.

Take the mobile screen to your customer

You also want to be well prepared when dining with a customer or business contact. Then having the PixioScreen with you as a mobile display is handy. You can quickly look up a website, show or use an app, show a company video or product presentation or play a PowerPoint presentation. Everything you can with an Android tablet, you can do with PixioScreen.

Mobile display at the trade show

Attending a trade show but without a stand? Would like to show something to someone you happen to speak to? PixioScreen is the compact and easy-to-use mobile screen, with which you always have your presentation, demo, product video or company information with you. The smaller sizes fit easily in your bag. Very handy for your trade show visit!

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