Interactive conference room screen

Meeting is truly efficient with PixioScreen

PixioScreen as a meeting screen

Flipovers and projectors? No longer needed with the PixioScreen as your meeting screen. Give the screen a fixed place on the wall or quickly grab a portable screen. You can give every meeting room - large or small - a screen. And thanks to the standard internet and network functionality, you always have the right information at hand.

Compact meeting room screen

No budget for a fixed meeting screen in every conference room? Then PixioScreen offers a solution: the compact design and the handy stand make it easy to move the screen. You can set it up exactly where you need it at any given moment. And after the meeting, put it aside again just as easily, so it is never in the way.

Touchscreen on the table or on the wall

Small conference room? Then a separate meeting screen might not be that handy. No problem, because the PixioScreen can also easily be hung on the wall or placed on the conference table. And because PixioScreen is so affordable, you can provide all your conference rooms with a fixed screen with a handy touchscreen for a reasonable amount of money.

Interactive brainstorming or collaboration

Working together in the conference room? You can with the PixioScreen! Thanks to the Android system, the PixioScreen has exactly the same capabilities as any Android tablet. So office and productivity apps can also be used effortlessly. This makes your brainstorming session or collaboration session a lot more interactive.

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