Interactive touchscreen for demos

Discover how versatile the PixioScreen is.

PixioScreen as a demo screen

Of course you can tell how easily your software package or app works. Or the models in which your product can be delivered. But even nicer and more effective is when you can show that. The PixioScreen is the ideal demo screen. Show a presentation? Give a real-time demo? Play a video? Convince your customer with the PixioScreen.

From website display to real-time demo

With its easy-to-use Android operation, PixioScreen has exactly the same capabilities as an Android tablet. You do not need expensive or complicated apps for a demo. Help from the IT department is also unnecessary. From showing a website or demonstrating a new app to a real-time demo of an online system - with PixioScreen, every demo runs smoothly.

At the office or on location

Wherever your demo takes place, the PixioScreen is the ideal demo screen. In a conference room at your office with a large interactive demo screen or on location with a compact PixioScreen. Each screen has handy touchscreen controls and the same functions as an Android tablet. Your message always comes across well thanks to the clear LCD display.

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