PixioScreen, the affordable screen

The multi-purpose LCD touchscreen.

The power of simplicity

The PixioScreen is a professional but very easy to use LCD touch screen. Available in various sizes from 10.1" to 32", and suitable for many applications. This versatility, in combination with the user-friendly Android operation, makes the PixioScreen the premier LCD touchscreen for business purposes.

Discover all the possibilities

The PixioScreen offers a lot of functionality for an attractive price:

  • Android 4.4, 5.1 or 6.0
  • 1GB or 2GB working memory
  • 8GB or 16GB storage capacity
  • Built-in speakers
  • Integrated WiFi
  • Ethernet and Bluetooth function
  • Connections for USB, power, Mini-USB and headphones
  • A handy stand
  • Also available with battery

No hassle with complicated software or expensive apps, because you operate the PixioScreen as easily as an Android tablet.

All-in-one touchscreen for every purpose

Need a practical all-in-one touchscreen for the office, your showroom or on the road? Thanks to its many functions, the PixioScreen is suitable for every purpose: audio, (streaming) video, displaying photos, presentations and  websites, installing and using apps. And much more!

From meeting screen to portable screen

The PixioScreen is the easy-to-use Android screen for small and large companies. Because of its friendly price, but certainly also because of its versatility: from meeting screen or presentation screen to welcome screen or demo screen, the applications are endless.

Discover the many applications

Friendly price

Unlike other business touch screens, the PixioScreen is a very affordable screen. It is simple and practical to set up and offers a surprising amount of functionality. The PixioScreen is considerably cheaper than comparable Android screens, but is not inferior in terms of ease of use and performance.

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