Innovative Android shop display screen

Convince more customers to come into your establishment

PixioScreen as a shop display screen

Do you have nice products on offer? Are there items or promotions to which you would like to draw attention in your shop window, showroom or store? Use the PixioScreen as a shop display screen. Put the Android screen in the shop window, on the counter or on the wall. You then have a real eye-catcher that convinces customers and passers-by to enter your shop and score that offer.

Advertising column in your store, showroom or restaurant

In addition to your shop window, the PixioScreen also comes into its own as an advertising column in your store, showroom or restaurant. For example, how handy is it for you customers to view the car they want to buy, in their favourite colour and model? Or when they can immediately see what the menu of the day is for their favourite restaurant?

Product demonstration

Do you have new products, and you would like to show your customer why they are needed? You can also use PixioScreen for (interactive) product demonstrations. From tools to educational toys. Or from the most innovative vacuum cleaner to new types of eyeglasses. The list of possibilities is endless.

Video tutorials

Would you like to give customers tips to help them get more out of your products? Or give instructions about how a certain product works? Integrate a PixioScreen in the product display and play interactive instructional videos on it. For example, do-it-yourself videos in a hardware store or the preparation of a tasty recipe in the supermarket.

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